Qatar Free Zone Company Formation Cost

Qatar Free Zone Company Formation

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Qatar’s economy is growing daily, and the Qatar government allowing foreign investors to start a business in Qatar is easier than ever. Qatar is one of the biggest Business hubs in Middle East countries. Qatar government provides a mainland and Qatar free zones plate form for company formation in Qatar in many categories in the business industry. Free zones are a plate form where a local and foreign investor can set up a business with 100% ownership. QFZA (Qatar free zone Authority) is an organization established by the Qatar government in 2018 for economic growth, with high-standard facilities for new set-up businesses for local and international investors.

Qatar Free Zone Company Formation

Qatar is a country located in the Middle East. The official language is Arabic, and the currency is the Qatari riyal. Qatar is a constitutional monarchy and Emir Hamad, bin Khalifa Al Thani, is the head of state. Qatar has the world’s third-largest natural gas reserves, and Qatar is the leading exporter of liquefied natural gas. Qatar is also a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Qatar Free Zone Authority (QFZA) is responsible for developing and regulating free zones in Qatar. There are currently four free zones in Qatar: Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), Qatar Free Zone North (QFZN), and Qatar Free Zone South (QFZS).

Each free zone has its advantages and benefits. Still, all four provide investors with 100% ownership of their business, 100% repatriation of profits, and a wide range of business activities that can be conducted within the free zone. Qatar Freezones increases its business presence in the world. Qatar has enough resources and plans to build a Business Hub with international standard facilities as the wealthiest country. The government of Qatar has designed the Free zone based on investor’s and SMEs’ interest in business industries, some activities, is Professional Services, Food Chains, Trading companies, logistics and shipping companies, management consultancy, Media, and films,  and also provides the best services with multiple options available Flexi office, bright office, executive office, warehouses and industries zone for manufacturing and productions. Qatar, a free zone authority, allows Residence visas obtained under Free Zone company sponsorship. Below is a more detailed overview of each free zone


How to Start a Business in Qatar is very common thinking for every new investor. As a Business Consultant in Qatar, we can guide and give them the best advice and provide them analyze reports per their requirements about checking the trends of products and services. Our analyzing Market Report ensures investors, which categories, and which businesses need to invest money that gets back handsome revenue.

  • Low cost of operations
  • No capital tax
  • Tax optimization
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • No currency restrictions
  • Excellent support services
  • 100% ownership of the business
  • 100% repatriation of capital/profits
  • Low-cost energy
  • Favorable cost of living
  • On-site accommodations of personnel
  • Attractive working environment
  • Transportation links by road, sea, and air
  • Warehouse/factory/office units for lease
  • Fast-track company setup & licensing
  • Opportunity to lease land for development
Qatar Free Zone Business Formation

Qatar Free Zone license Categories

  1. Foreign Branches
  2. Trading Licenses
  3. Commercial Licenses
  4. Professional Licenses
  5. Industrial Licenses
  6. E-commerce Trade License
Qatar Free Zone license Categories
Qatar Free Zone Office

Qatar Free Zone – Facilities Offices

  1. Flexi Desk
  2. Smart Offices
  3. Executive Offices
  4. Warehouses
  5. Representative Offices

Ras Bufontas Airport Free Zone

The famous free zone in Qatar is Ras Bufontas, and it’s situated very near, like 6km from the International Hamad Airport. Its suited for Logistics, Cargo, Air Transportation Servies, and Consumer Products.

Mostly Suitable industries

  1. Light Manufacturing unit
  2. International Business Services
  3. Emerging Technologies
  4. Consumer Products
  5. Logistics Hub (Cargo, air Logisitcs and small industries)
Ras Bufontas Free Zone Business Setup in Qatar
Umm Alhoul Port Free Zone Company Formation

Umm Alhoul – Port Free Zone

2nd Big name in Qatar is Umm Alhoul Port Free Zone is mainly suited for small or big industries requiring sea freight, Cargos, imports & exports. Maritime Industries, Heavy Manufacturing, Emerging Technologies, Logistics Hubs, and Industrial Sectors.

Suitable industries

  1. Maritime industries
  2. Polymers and plastics
  3. Advanced manufacturing
  4. Logistics Services

Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP)

The Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) is a world-class research and development hub offering businesses a wide range of facilities and services. QSTP is home to leading research and development organizations, including Qatar Foundation, Shell, ExxonMobil, and Qatar Airways. Businesses headquartered in QSTP have access to state-of-the-art laboratories, research facilities, and office space. QSTP also offers a favorable tax environment.

  1. Swift Company formation
  2. No foreign currency restrictions
  3. 100% of foreign company ownership
  4. 100% corporate income tax exemption
  5. 100% personal income tax exemption
  6. 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  7. 100% import and export duties tax exemption
Qatar Science and Technology Park
Qatar Financial Center QFC

Qatar Financial Center (QFC)

The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) is a world-class financial hub that offers a wide range of financial services and products. Businesses headquartered in the QFC have access to a wide range of banking, insurance, asset management, and other financial services. The QFC also offers a favorable tax environment, with a flat corporate tax rate of almost 10% and no personal income or capital gains tax. Want to Company Registration in Qatar Financial Center QFC? We are authorized business consultants in Qatar.

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